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Everyone has to have some rules and ours are what make our event so much fun.

Raft Rules

  1. Rafts can consist of multiple pontoons or hulls

  2. Crew must sit on or in the raft

  3. Paddles must be homemade

  4. Pontoons must be homemade (cannot be boat/canoe hulls or similar)

  5. No motors, sails or mechanical devices of any description can be used on the craft, including mechanical rudder.


  1. Safety equipment must be carried on each raft for each crew member

  2. All vessels will be scrutinised for basic seaworthiness and adherence to raft rules

  3. Crew cannot leave raft to push or guide raft

  4. The decision of the judges will be final

  5. All competitors enter at their own risk and must sign a waiver before competing. No liability will be accepted by the organisers, committee, judges or the Baffle Creek Boat Club.