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RE/MAX Baffle Creek Raft Race 2019 - Sunday May 5, 2019

Baffle's favourite day is back in 2019, a day for the whole family, with fantastic food, fun and frivolity. Big thanks to our continuing major sponsor - local real estate agent, Sue Robertson and RE/MAX Real Estate. Thanks so much for supporting us and helping us make the event bigger and better. Read more about Sue here..

All EVENTS are FREE, ranging from Canoe, Kayak, Stand Up Paddle board and of course dont forget the BYO  Raft Race.

For the adults there's some serious events such as the Koastal Kayaks 3km Canoe/ Kayak Marathon or the 2km Stand Up Paddleboard Race, but for the really serious comes the design and building of the rafts for the Raft Race.

The Dogs Breakfast Raft Race is run with a pool of equipment being utilised by entrants to construct their raft. For those who want to join the fun but haven't been able to make their own.

We'd also like to introduce two major new sponsors that are local and deserving of a serious round of applause. Our own Baffle Beer our premier beer supplier and Koastal Kayaks from Bundy, a local manufacturer that makes some fantastic gear, kayaks, canoes, SUP's and more. Please support them as they support us with their extremely high quality product of which we are immensely proud.