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Baffle Creek Raft Race

The RE/MAX Baffle Creek Raft Race is the most fun you'll ever have without getting wet (hopefully)

Traditionally the Raft Race has been a 'make your own raft' and duke it out with the best in the land. This year the 'Dog's breakfast' ulitises a pool of equipment and  teams will make their own on the spot and then paddle for their lives.

It is a race for ages over 13 with categories for male and female, juniors and adults. 

This is a flat-water race which takes place on a large body of water influenced by tidal currents. Possible hazards include: recreational boat traffic, strong tidal currents, underwater obstacles, submerged flats and sandbars, wind and weather, and marine animals. The race organizers have taken measures to minimize your risk and maximize your safety; however, the primary responsibility is your own. Race organizers reserve the right to delay, postpone, or cancel the race start depending on inclement weather or unfavorable conditions.

Course security will be provided by patrolling marine units, and by private vessels and personal watercraft operated by volunteer race staff.